About us

Horsespre Team offers a unique full service complete with a special model and principles for the equestrian market.

Horsespre was formed as a result of the love for and appreciation of the iberian races – the pure bred spanish horse – Pura Raza Española – PRE Andalusian, and the pure bred portugese horse – Puro Sangue Lusitano – PSL Lusitano by the initiative of a group of reputed professional horse advisors and consultants whose aim is to transmit the knowledge, dedicated work and feeling of the spanish and the portugese breeders, whose delicate, sensible and emotive work provide appreciation of these beautiful horses.

We are sincerely greatful to the iberian breeders of these wonderful horses.

Horsespre was founded in 2000 by Javier Villard, on request of a group of professional PRE breeders. Only carefully selected top class Iberian horses are offered, directly from the stud farms or from professional trainers or personal owners. There is a wide range of selected horses and Horsespre strictly maintain the criterias for quality and price. The objective is to locate, select and offer the clients only the best quality Andalusian and Lusitano horses available on the market. The clients are any kind of horse lover – professional trainers, private enthusiasts or dedicated breeders, whose aim is to enhance the development of the breed through quality stud farms and enjoy the sport with these fantastic horses.

The objective of this team is to facilitate the purchase of good quality purebred spanish and portugese horses and has successfully sold Iberian horses to all over the world:

Spain – Sweden – Norway – Denmark – Finland – England – Ireland – France – Germany – Luxembourg – Italy – Malta – Greece – Belgium – Switzerland – Austria – Hungary – Russia – China – Japan – Israel – USA – Canada – México – Ecuador – Australia – Singapore, …, …

We wish our clients much joy and good luck with their Iberian horses! See references

Horsespre is an independent team with no affiliation to any particular breeder, client or association.

Our horses are fully documented and are blood typed (Identification verified by DNA). The horses are registered in the Spanish Stud-book or the Lusitano Stud-book, or registered as CDE (caballo de deporte español) or CDL (caballo de deporte lusitano) and are micro-chipped.

We dedicate our time and enthusiasm to actively find our clients suitable horses, we offer a completely personalized service. See services

Horsespre are happy to provide references on request of the client. See references

Javier Villard

Javier Villard

Founder & CEO

Professional equine experience:

  • Chief editor / journalist, spain
  • Professional horse Photographer
  • International freelance horse journalist, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, USA.
  • International freelance horse photographer: Spain, Sweden, Holland, Germany, México, Guatemala, Ecuador and USA.
  • Breeder of Pura Raza Española Horses, Spain

Equine certificate:

  • Licensed horseman, equine assisted teraphy (Eagala-USA)
  • Owner of the company Horsespre.
  • Course for Personal Development with Horses, Spain
  • Editor radio’s channel of horses, Spain
Paola Villard

Paola Villard


Professional equine experience:​

  • Co-owner of the company Horsespre.
  • Breeder of Pura Raza Española Horses – Yeguada Villard del Rey, Spain
  • Official rider of Yeguada Villard del Rey, Spain.
  • Professional horse photographer
  • Social Media Expert
  • Equine Therapy Monitor