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High quality Spanish horses for sale – your benefits with Horsespre Team

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Horsespre: Complete Service for the purchasing of horses in Spain with many stud farms and stables that offer high quality horses for sale for dressage, breading or just to enjoy. The full service concept of Horsespre addresses prospective international purchasers and covers, everything from arranging travel plans with providing accompanying personal guides in Spain to the provision of impartial purchasing advice and handling of the atual purchase and subsequent transport. the entire portfolio of services is based on a concept of equine wellbeing as well as the principles of transparency and high quality service provision


The Andalusian horses – The Lusitano Horses

Normally, the horses quality depends on the breeder and to get spanish or Andalusian and Lusitano horses with good confomation and functionality is necessary to make a good stallions and mares selection with the best bloodlines.

The movement of Andalusian horses is extended, elevated, cadenced and harmonious, with a balance of roundness and forward movement. Poor elevation and irregular. Andalusians are known for their agility and their ability to learn difficult moves quickly, such as advanced collection and turns on the haunches.

Our goal is to find PRE horses and Lusitano horses with good natural skills and well trained, well educated to obtain their best to select them to breed and compete in high levels with them.

We got more tan 20 years selling spanish horses and lusitano horses around the world, making the people happy, people who trust in our work and criteria.

It’s not easy to find good iberian horses and its more difficult to find healthy horses and at a fair price.This requires considerable fact-finding by us and this gives you peace of mind, knowing you are choosing from only honest, straight and correct horses.

We have our location in two different places: in Madrid (in the middle of Spain) from where we can easily go to any direction; and Andalucía, in the south, because there are much horses in this area.


PRE Andalusian horses and Lusitano horses Photos & Videos

We never forget that the iberian horses are admired all over the world for their beauty, movements and elegance.

We have photos and videos about all the horses we have on sale.


Spanish horses and Lusitano Horses for sale – Social Media

All the people can find info about Andalusian horses and Lusitano horses on our social media, althouth no all the horses we have on sale are posted.

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